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3PL and WMS Integration special sauce

Finally, a cloud solution that integrates and automates transactions to warehouses and 3PLs, while providing all the visibility and portal tools you need to run your business.

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Meet CHIP 3PL, a Cloud iPaaS with WMS Integration Built In


Multi-Channel Order Integration

Integrate and automate transactions from any order source, including B2C and B2B channels.


Multi-Warehouse Integration

Integrate into multiple in-house and 3PL warehouse management systems and automate transaction flow.


Returns Management

Create returns and provide authorization to the warehouse using inventory receipt flow. 


Intelligent Order Routing

Route orders to warehouses based on inventory, lot, and destination. 


Inventory Management

Multi-site inventory visibility, lot control, serial number management, and more. 


Web Portal Interfaces and Reporting

Input and extra data, view inventory, create orders, and create receipts from a role-based web portal.


Order Management

Enter new orders. Search, maintain, cancel, and release orders. 


Error Handling and Data Enrichment

Automated data enrichment and human workflow tools that allow for easy error handling.



Address validation, carrier integration, rate shopping, and transaction automation.

Fully Managed and Exceptionally Supported



Solution Design

A successful deployment begins with understanding your requirements and designing accordingly.


Industry Leading Support SLAs

Integrate and automate EDI transactions all the way to your ERP, CRM, WMS, and accounting system.



Empower business users and reduce dependence on IT with portal tools and dashboards. 


Scalable, Dedicated Environments

Automate error handling and enable data enrichment with business rule definition and workflow tools. 


24/7 Support

Take advantage of 24/7 support hours. 


Solution Optimization

Scale transaction volume with a dynamic business rules engine instead of clunky mapping tools. 

Solution Benefits

  • Rule based order routing
  • Integration with ERP, OMS, CRM Systems
  • Reduce WMS license provisioning
  • Full order and return process visibility
  • Support multiple warehouses and 3PLs
  • Keep complexity out of the warehouse
  • Reduce IT support requirements

Technical Specifications

  • AS2, HTTPs, FTP, sFTP, FTPs, SCP options
  • Integrated Data Options: XML, ANSI X12 EDI, EDIFACT EDI, Flat File, Spreadsheets, JSON, direct DB
  • 856, 940, 943, 945, 997 EDI documents
  • Granular syntax check models
  • Exception-based process automation
  • Inline form validations

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