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CHIP Ship adds value to retailers, suppliers and 3PLs with drag and drop cartonization and palletization, EDI compliant label generation, and EDI transaction automation for retail and B2B orders.

End-to-End Process Integration

Eliminate manual upkeep and compliance headaches by adding CHIP Ship to your fulfillment process, while integrating directly with your ERP, WMS, and CRM systems, and automating EDI transactions.

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Packing and Compliance Made Easy

CHIP Ship leads to increased accuracy, reduced fees and chargebacks, and a new level of efficiency, all with unprecedented system integration and speedy implementation. 


Cartonization and Palletization

Build cartons and pallets with intuitive drag and drop functionality.


Retailer Compliant Label Generation

Automatically generate and print carton and pallet labels that comply with requirements for each retailer. 


EDI Integration

Automatically generate EDI 856 advance ship notification (ASN) upon completion of shipment.


Packing Slip Creation

Generate and create packing slips and pick tickets. 


ERP Integration

Automatically extract retailer orders from your ERP and close close orders after fulfillment.


WMS Integration

Integrate directly with your WMS or 3PL warehouse management system. 

Key Features and Capabilities

  • Drag and drop shipment builder
  • Auto-pack feature based on package dimensions
  • Automatic delivery of 856 ASN
  • EDI compliant label generation based on retailer requirements 
  • Integrate shipment and tracking detail with WMS
  • On-site integration agent for seemless label printing
  • Connect to 3rd party APIs

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